The First Exchange: Novi Sad to Skopje

Skopje is the capital of Macedonia, where we had the opportunity to travel and get to know and see all the beauties of this city and meet the students from the Macedonian school Algoritam, in April 2022.

The ride to Skopje lasted about 8 hours and the road was about 500 km long. We spent our wonderful days at the Ambassador Hotel where our stay was very comfortable and pleasant.

On the first day, we came to Skopje in the evening, got acquainted with the appearance of our hotel and practiced for presentations about our culture for the next day.

The second day we met our friends from Algorithm and spent almost all day with them. When we finished getting to know each other, we started presenting our cultures to each other, and we also did various activities with Algorithm students, such as making soap.

We received various gifts from the Algoritam school, which made our stay in Macedonia all the more beautiful.

Students working together to make soap.

On the third day, we visited the Mother Theresa Museum with the students of Algorithm, walked around the center and got to know the city. After these activities, we had lunch in a restaurant in the city center and then we were free to explore the city at least until dinner.

On the fourth day, we visited various places in Skopje, such as the Museum of the Macedonian fight for independence, where they explained in detail the struggle of the Macedonian people for freedom.

students look at exhibits in the Museum of Mother Theresa
Students on a boat trip in Matka Canyon

We also visited the Matka canyon, where we walked and took a boat ride on the lake and saw the beauty of this canyon.

After the canyon, we headed to the Millennium Cross, from the top of which you can see the beauty of the whole city of Skopje.

On the fifth day after the long wait for the soap we made to dry, we started shaping and coloring it to our liking, and we also played more games like drawing our imaginary maps and expressing opinions on the position we are in.

On the sixth day of our stay, we went to the city park and did various activities such as dancing, sports, practicing first aid, flying a kite and enjoying music, and then together with the Macedonians we enjoyed the party that the students prepared for our departure.

We left this beautiful city with heavy hearts on the seventh day in the morning after all the adventures, friends and pleasures we gained in it, we are very glad that we had the opportunity to travel to Macedonia and meet our friends from Skopje.

We are going to be their hosts in June and we look forward to seeing them all once again.

Authors: Žarko Supić and Bojan Cakić

English translator: Vukašin Predić

Photos are from private collection