Exchange student program- Novi Sad (eng.)

Student exchange program – Novi Sad

Student exchange started on Sunday, June 12, 2022. when students from Macedonia arrived in Novi Sad.

On the first day, we all happily welcomed them to the Smart Grammar School, where we first introduced them to how our school works, what are its specific features and other interesting facts.

We deepened our acquaintance through several interesting games, within which we first of all had a lot of fun. We learned many interesting details about each other playing Bingo, and then had a good laugh as we tried to guess who drew what.

Then we moved on to more serious topics. We discussed what identity is, how stereotypes and prejudices arise, and how it all leads to various conflicts. We also noticed several prejudices that students from private schools often encounter.

As part of our next activity, we researched about sign language and after agreeing on the terms to present on the site, we made videos showing the words. On the first day, as well as every subsequent day, we dedicated a part of our time to work on the website, which is ultimately the main result of the second exchange.

Since we were all hungry by two o’clock, we took a break for lunch at a nearby restaurant, and then walked along the Danube.

It is interesting that that quay is called the Quay of the Raid Victims, and when we came to the Porodica monument, which was erected in memory of the victims, we talked about that unpleasant event and the consequences that war events have on all people equally, regardless of their religion. or nations.

For the next two days, we learned about sign language and communication, assertiveness, non-violent conflict resolution… Thanks to expert lecturers, we now all know how to introduce ourselves using sign language, to ask basic questions, such as how are you and what is your name and how old are you? years, for example, and to count, spell and the like in sign language. These workshops helped us a lot during the creation of content for our site.

The afternoon part of the day was dedicated to activities outside the school: on Tuesday, we were guests at a formal event on the occasion of the School Day of Smart Grammar School. In the theater, we watched a musical prepared for us by the professors and students of our school, called Grace, based on the film of the same name. It was a very nice and pleasant evening.

On Wednesday, we hung out on the Strand, where we tested our strength in basketball and in individual sports activities (e.g. hold on :)). Regardless, the Strand is a place that offers different options, so even those who do not like sports spent a pleasant afternoon here.

We devoted Thursday to city sightseeing and also visited Petrovaradin and Sremske Karlovci as well as museums. We learned a lot about the synagogue, the monuments, the history of the city, different battles, the famous people of Novi Sad… In Petrovaradin, we had expert guidance through the underground galleries and we could see how it all looked centuries ago.

We continued the story in Sremski Karlovci, and after a short afternoon break, we gathered again at the school and tasted traditional Serbian food. Soon, with good fun, everything turned into a karaoke night and we all had a great time together.

On the last day of this exchange, we did the final touches on the website and then presented our project to other students and professors.

The afternoon was intended for rest, and the evening for the farewell party, where again, as in all previous activities, it was a great time.

On Saturday, our guests from Macedonia went back to their homes, but we hope that there will be another opportunity to repeat our gathering.